Swedish Church Removes Crosses to Make Muslim Migrants Feel “Welcome”

Ezra Levant, Canadian attorney, media personality, political activist, writer and broadcaster, has a point. It’s difficult to remain a Church, a place of worship for the Christian religion, if you take out all religious symbols from the building and expect worshipers of another religion to join your congregation. What makes Bishop Eva Brunne’s efforts particularly peculiar is the fact that she herself is a lesbian. That would be penalized by death by Muslim law. Taking the crosses out of the Church and arranging the chairs to face Mecca is not going to change Muslim religious law. And Bishop Brunne may find herself having to pay a high price for creating a Muslim-friendly church.

Can a Church truly be turned into a mosque? Is this the government’s doing or is this a Bishop’s own doing?

Will this bending-over backwards step be accepted by those who observe the Muslim religion? Probably not.

Western culture is under attack by radical Islam. Fighting is so much more challenging than surrender. But, the rewards are for all future generations. Standing up for liberty sometimes means confronting evil. If we are not willing to pay the price of fighting, then we will pay the much more difficult price of surrender.

Sweden ought to be a place that people understand that ruthless tyrannies overrun those who don’t know how to defend themselves.

Respecting other religions ought to be a two-way street.

Published: July 21, 2017
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