Friday 18 April 2014

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A Fight for the Ultimate Soldier- Who Will Win?!?!?

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Muslim Youths Riot on Temple Mount, IDF Preparing to Storm Holy Site

Israeli security officials said on Wednesday evening that they would ultimately have to force their way into al-Aqsa mosque, atop the Temple Mount

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Hamas Has Nightmares Every time They See THIS VIDEO

It is a very bad idea to mess with the

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The IDF soldier from Alabama!

A young boys journey from Alabama to Israel to join the


Terrorists Attack, Hurl Rocks at IDF Soldiers

US Military West Point Cadets Visit Israel!!!

US Military West Point Cadets Visit Israel!!!

brothers in arms 2

For the soldiers of the IDF

Thank you for protecting


Check out what this hospital did to the wounded soldier!

He was an IDF soldier who was attacked with missiles. How did the hospital


Behind the scenes at an Israeli security checkpoint

Israeli soldiers are the best-trained. They also learn Arab culture and tradtions to make the crossing more comfortable for Arabs, while keeping a


A Group of IDF Soldiers Wrote a Song That the Whole World Needs to Hear!

I loved it! I'm so proud of the IDF. Soldiers who are keeping the people in Israel, Jewish and non-Jewish, secure.

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