Take A Look Back At 30th July, 1980

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On July 30, 1980, thirteen years after the Six Day War which resulted in the reunification of

the city of Jerusalem, the Knesset voted on a fundamental law which declared that united

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (The Jerusalem Law). The law continued to proclaim that

the president of Israel, Israel’s Supreme Court, the Israeli parliament, and the Israeli

government will all reside in the capital, Jerusalem. In addition, all religious sites will be

protected from any violation and all religions will be allowed freedom to access their holy

sites. Later, several other clauses were added one of which allotting Jerusalem special

funding, and that the Israeli government will make the development of the city one of its

priorities. In past years, a special minister in the government has been authorized to be the

“Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs.

This, seemingly axiomatic law, caused explosive reactions internationally. The United

Nations Security Council passed a resolution (by 14 votes to 0 with 1 abstention) that the law

is “null and void” and “must be rescinded”. The UN called on member states to move their

embassies out of Jerusalem. Today, Israel is the only country in the world with no foreign

embassies in its capital city. The State of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem in particular,

remains the only country in the Middle East which protects the religious sites of all religions,

and allows freedom to enter and worship at these holy sites to members of all ethnicities

and backgrounds.

There is, of course, an exception. Jews in Israel are not allowed to pray at the holiest site to

the Jewish Nation. Jews are prohibited from praying at the Temple Mount. Perhaps that

will change when the international community decides to move their embassies to


Published: July 29, 2015
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