Thanks to Israel, folding laundry will soon be a things of the past

An Israeli-led Silicon-Valley-bred consumer-oriented robotics startup is taking the market by storm, with the introduction of a previously nonexistent appliance stretching the limit of product design and promising to unload one pesky task off the average Joe’s to-do list: folding laundry. Meet FoldiMate: The brainchild of long-term Israeli product and software executive Gal Rozov, self-described as “a 21st century lifestyle evangelist.” Rozov, along with his development team, seeks to simplify household chores through robotics and technology. Nearly 58,000 people have registered on the company’s site – live for less than a month – and are eagerly tracking the go-to-market process of a product which will only be available for pre-order in 2017, with first shipments expected in 2018.

Published: November 24, 2016
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