Thanks to Israel, Star Wars is going to Look like a Scene From The Past

Wow! Israeli based company “Elbit Systems” has developed a technology that can protect passenger aircrafts from ground missile attacks. It really looks like a scene out of Star Wars. Interestingly enough, this new technology was named “Music”.

Ever since 9/11, there is no question that commercial airlines are a primary target for terrorists.

The idea of being able to kill hundreds of people in an instant with a crude shoulder-based missile is a very attractive option for so many terrorist organizations.

When Israel’s enemies like Hafez Al Assad threaten to bomb Israel’s primary airport, Ben-Gurion airport, right outside of Tel-Aviv, these threats must be taken seriously.

Elbit systems has developed a broad range of solutions in the fields of airborne, land and naval systems via products that defend homeland security.

This is NOT just for Israel – but will help the entire world.

One January 3rd, 2018, Elbit announced that the Mercury Radio Program successfully achieved full operational capability and is now being used by UK Army Cadets.

These radions enable practical field-craft and signals training and full command and control capability.

In december 2017, Elbit Systems was awarded a $46 million contract to supply self-protection systems to NATO, for its Airbus A330 Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet (“MMF”) Program.

That’s right – the protection for NATO’s mass transport of its aircraft and weaponry is supplied by an Israeli hi-tech company.

Although these products are amazing in their own right, the one Elbit systems which has raised the eyebrows of almost all pilots is their amazing BrightNite system.

The #1 challenge for so many helicopter pilots is navigating in difficult situations – in darkness.

With a bunch of night flights, Elbit’s solution allows helicopters to perform missions successfully in almost all situations of darkness by simply lighting up their views.

Elbit performed test flights in Israel with pilots from different countries and their test flights were crowned as a tremendous success.

In an article from Defense Update, Tamir Eshel noted that “the feedback was extremely positive and the pilots emphasized the contribution of the system to flight.” One of the pilots claimed, “The system is like magic, [it] literally opens any night to flight.”

Published: September 9, 2017
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