The 1696 Dutch Professor’s Report On The Holy Land That Makes “Palestinians” Go CRAZY!!!

They hate it so much because it’s so true. ADRIAN RELAND (1676-1718), Dutch Orientalist, Linguist and Cartographer wrote an account of his visit to Palestina in 1696, His book, Palaestina ex veteribus monumentis illustrata, was published in 1714. Relandi identifies each of the places mentioned in the Mishnah or Talmud along with their original source. If the source was Jewish, he listed it together with the appropriate sentence in the Bible. he also arranged a population survey and census of each community. His most prominent conclusions
1. Not one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin. Most of the settlement names originate in the Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Roman languages. In fact, till today, except to Ramlah, not one Arabic settlement has an original Arabic name.
2. Most of the land was empty, desolate, and the inhabitants few in number and mostly concentrate in the towns Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza. Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians. There were few Muslims, mostly nomad Bedouins.
3. The book totally contradicts any post-modern theory claiming a “Palestinian heritage,” or Palestinian nation. The book strengthens the connection, relevance, pertinence, kinship of the Land of Israel to the Jews and the absolute lack of belonging to the Arabs, who robbed the Latin name Palestina and took it as their own.

Published: April 21, 2017
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