The battle for Jerusalem that changed the world forever

Israel’s 1967 battles to rescue Jerusalem from Jordanian assault, and the ensuing reunification of Jerusalem.

A chronicle of Israel’s June 1967 military actions on three fronts, against the synchronized forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

From 1948 till 1967, a large part of the Land of Israel was occupied by Jordan. This was land that was clearly supposed to be part of a planned Jewish State.

However, when Israel emerged victorious at the end of it’s War of Independence in 1948, it was unable to hold on to significant portions of the Holy Land.

This led surrounding Arab countries to continue to dream about a situation when they would have another chance at annihilating the fledgling State.

19 years later – it looked like the perfect time when all of the stars were lined up against Israel.

Arab countries had seemingly forged a unified plan to attack in a coordinated fashion, and Israel’s allies made it clear that they would watch from the sidelines.

Israel had almost all of their forces massed on it’s southern border and asked Jordan to NOT enter the war.

But, Jordan attacked and Israel’s eastern border was a full-scale attack.

When Israel was attacked, it was forced to fight back.

Without any plan at all, Israel returned to it’s Holies Site – the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

This video displays exactly how the battles in Jerusalem came to pass.

Published: May 23, 2017
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