The best video about Israel’s borders. Ever.

In a world threatened by extreme Islam, no country faces a greater threat than Israel. Not only do 32 countries not recognize Israel, but they are the only country constantly victimized by the UN. Israel is the only country in the world where there is a constant item on the UN’s Human Rights Council (Agenda Item 7), but they are constantly singled out by other UN agencies. Only last week, the UN issued several reports on the state of women in the world, but only Israel was mentioned and criticized. In a world where Israel faces constant criticism and hatred that can only be described as the modern form of anti-Semitism, what exactly does Israel need for its security?

When faced with chants such as “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.” How is Israel supposed to gain peace? The best place for Israel to start, is by gaining secure borders. The Arabs want Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders but these would result with Israel being in the midst of Arab states with no security, and borders that would easily fall if attacked. The Jordan River valley provides a natural defensive position that is hard to attack as well as easy to defend. The same goes for the Golan Heights but most importantly for Israel, is that these borders are controlled by people who they can trust. Unfortunately, in the world as it stands, the only people that Israel can trust is themselves.
The borders Israel has now are safe and secure. It is the areas that the so-called Palestinians that are troublesome and dangerous. It is those areas that need to be secured and kept safe so that Israelis, both Jews and Arabs, can live in a safe a peaceful country. There is nothing that Israelis want more than to live in a safe, secure, and peaceful with its neighbours. Unfortunately, Israel’s neighbours do not seem to want that to happen.

Israel has peace treaties with both Egypt and Jordan, but that does not stop the rhetoric from their citizens, or, in some cases, their officials. Israel and Egypt both have a common enemy in the Gaza Strip, however, Hamas are not calling for the destruction of Egypt. Egypt is surrounded by countries that do not want to attack it, and, unlike Israel, is secure in its existence. Jordan is, like Egypt, secure in its existence. Although ISIS is fighting in both Syria and Iraq, they have not, yet, posed a serious threat to Jordan.

Israel wants peace, but it does not want peace at any cost. There are two things Israel has to have, both of which both the Palestinian Authority and the world does not seem to understand. The first is recognition as the Jewish State. There are numerous Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim states but not one recognised Jewish State. The only people who see Israel as the Jewish State are Jews. The second, is secure borders. Most parties who are trying to gain peace recognise and accept this, unfortunately they do not realise how insecure the borders they suggest are. Israel will only get peace when the international community truly understand that the reason Iran, and its terrorist allies do not want Israel to exist is not anti-Zionism, but anti-Semitism. If it wasn’t, then people who disagree with Israel would not be chanting “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

Published: May 28, 2015
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