The Buried Secrets of the Temple Mount

The place where both Jewish Temples stood – the Temple Mount.

It conjures up ideas of holiness when it is just mentioned.

Now, for the first time, the buried treasures that have been hidden under the soil of the Temple Mount, are being recovered in a massive way.

400 tractors worth of soil were dumped into the Kidron valley.

Dr. Gabi Barkai, an archaeology professor and hist students sifted through an enormous amount of artifacts that would have been thrown away.

Instead, they found all kinds of shards and pots that are thousands of years old and have begun to recreate and recontruct the past via finds that have produced insights into the Temple Mount’s history.

The Half-shekel coin that was discovered has inspired a movement to help reveal the whole entire story of the Temple Mount.

Join in and take this project to the next level!
Join in and take this project to the next level

Published: January 21, 2017
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