The FACTS About the Historic Settlement Bill the Media is NOT Telling Us!!!

Caroline’s analysis of the settlement bill from her earlier article.

“The settlement regulation bill is not a radical bill. It is a liberal reform of a legal regime that harms the civil rights of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinians today are denied their full property rights. Shortly after its establishment in 2004, the Palestinian Authority made selling land to Jews and Christians a capital offense. Dozens of Palestinians have been murdered over the past two decades in extrajudicial executions by both Palestinian security forces and by terrorist militias working hand in glove with Palestinian security forces for the “crime” of selling their land to Jews.

Earlier this year, the Israeli group Ad Kan documented employees of the European financed far left groups Ta’ayush and B’tselem conspiring to hand over to Palestinian forces a Palestinian land owner who expressed interest in selling his lands to Jews. During surreptitiously recorded exchanges, they acknowledged that PA would likely execute him.

The settlement regulation bill empowers the military commander to seize privately owned lands and compensate the owners. In other words, it provides a means for willing Palestinian sellers to sell their property to willing Jewish purchasers without risking the lives of the owners.”

Here is the full 47 minute video where Caroline goes more into depth on this issue. As well as talking about Yair Lapid, who is a wolf in sheeps clothing who will betray Israel as Rabin betrayed Israel, outlining the true obstacle to democracy in Israel, Israel’s Supreme Court (yup, you read that right!) and calling out the true guilty person for Amona being destroyed and the obstacle to judicial reform at the Supreme Court – Moshe Kachlon!!! He has a veto on all government decisions to stop reforms at the Supreme Court. No matter how right wing our government is, the Supreme Court will overrule right wing policies because of their “judicial tyranny”. That judicial tyranny must end and it can only end if Moshe Kachlon fells the public pressure to stop vetoing government decisions to reform the Supreme Court!!!”

Hear it all in the full interview below.

Published: February 7, 2017
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