The fascinating study of the sharks descending on Israel’s coastline

Israel’s coastline covers around half of the Eastern part of the Mediterranean, but it is more known for it’s beaches that for it’s sharks.

The fact that sharks are now part of the Eastern coastline of Israel will probably scare some people who think of jaws and other shark films.

However, the truth is that this is not a major issue of concern for Israel travellers and beach-goers.

The real issue that this short video focuses on is the idea of the danger to the marine ecosystem in Israel posed by a small group of illegal shark hunters.

Ecoocean, an Israeli based non-profit organization that was established by a group of scientists and the Weil Family in 2002, has set out to preserve Israel’s coastal and marine environment. They are a modern-day fulfillment of the ancient Jewish concept of preserving nature and avoiding harming animals.

The basic idea behind kindness to animals is a basic Jewish tenet that goes back to the Bible itself.

Cruely to animals is expressly forbidden in the Bible from the following verses:

We are forbidden to plow a field using various species of animals (Deut. 22:10).

We are required to help an animal unload its load, no matter what our relationship is with the owner of the animal, and even if we don’t know who the owner of the animal is (Ex. 23:5; Deut. 22:4).

All of this is in order to lighten the hardship to the animals.

In addition, we are not permitted to kill an animal and it’s young on the same day. (Leviticus 22:28)

Perhaps the most well known of all of the commandments is the surprising commandment to send away a mother bird when taking her eggs (Deut 22:6-7).

There are various explanations for this commandment, but one of the primary explanations is that we are concerned with the psychological distress of the animals!

The leaders of the Jewish people have always been known for their concern and tending to the needs of their flocks. Many of the most famous Biblical Jewish leaders have been sheperds.

Abraham, David and others Jewish leaders were sheperds who then ultimately became the leaders of the Jewish people.

One explanation given was that God was not merely looking for brave people to build and lead His nation – but for tender-hearted leaders also – in order to insure that His people will be cared for properly and serve as a model nation.

Published: February 4, 2018
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