The incredible story of the miracle that saved this hero’s life

This is the story of Avi Dorfman, a young boy who was tragically injured in a Hammas rocket attack. Avi represents the spirit of the Israeli People whose courage and determination to move forward, despite enormous obstacles, makes him a real hero.
There is no way to explain the story of a boy who did what was right, took a hard and perilous hit, and bounced back as much as humanly possible, volunteering to do the job in the army that he had been doing prior to the terrorist rocket attack.
This story is an incredible inspiration. It’s a reminder of what the People of Israel are up against and what they are capable of accomplishing under formidable circumstances.

As 18 year Avi told a reporter who came to interview 12th grade students who had just finished their final math matriculations at the Herziliya high school in Tel Aviv, “The important thing is not to break under pressure. There’s always the second time around. You can retake the test; there’s always another chance.”

Published: January 27, 2016
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