The Mass Brainwashing of Germany

What is happening to Germany? Its society is going downhill.

After welcoming in extremist Muslims, the violent crime rate has steeply risen.

TV programs are showing people converting to become Muslim.

As a result, German society is declining while Muslim culture takes its place.

Their is a history of German society undergoing steep changes in short amounts of time.

In Post World War I, the leadership of Germany was punished for its role in World War I via the famous Treaty of Versailles.

The State of War was ended by the Allied Powers and in the treaty, the Allied Powers, led by the United States and England clearly placed the blame on Germany with the following wording:

“Germany [to] accept the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage” during the war.

Germany was then forced to make major concessions, both in territory and armament, in order to insure that Germany would no longer pose a threat to the world.

Well, barely 2 decades later, this deep weakening of Germany may have been one of the main causes to the strong swing towards radicalism that led Germany into sweeping the Nazi party into power in 1933.

Some mistakes are easily reversible. The Treaty of Versailles may have been an example of a mistake that was not easy to reverse.

It would seem that the unbridled immigration being allowed into Germany in the last few years will bring Germany to its knees in a matter of a decade or less.

The Muslim minority does not need to become a majority to take over.

Hitler’s Nazi party did not take over with a majority of the vote either.

All the Nazi party received in`1932 was 33.09% of the vote. But, since all of the other parties could not coalesce to keep the Nazi party out, ultimately, the Nazi party was able to consolidate enough power for Hitler to be appointed chancellor – and the rest is history.

Once a dictator is elected or appointed into the most powerful position of a government, it is not that difficult to bring down all opposition one step after the other and become a total despot.

Is Germany destroying itself?

This is the clear direction that Germany is heading towards.

Today, Germany’s minority is still small, but it is a fast growing Muslim minority.

When that minority becomes 25-30%, look out.

Published: January 22, 2018
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