The Massacre of the Munich 11 Israelis in 1972

Hypocrites!!! Back in 2012, the 40th anniversary for the PLO Massacre of the 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympics, the Palestinian Authority, which is a whitewashed PLO, is against the moment of silence to be held at the Olympics to commemorate the Israeli athletes THEY were the murderers at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Today’s leader Mohammad Abbas was the financier of that terrorist operation!

According to the headline in the official PA (Palestinian Authority) daily, “Sports are meant for peace, not for racism.” Funny, isn’t it, that today’s President of the Palestinian Authority, Muhammad Abbas, who was in charge of financing the Munich 11 massacre, is the one whom today says that “sports are meant for peace, not for racism.” How sad that the world allows such people to get away with murder, and allow this man to be a leader!

The world should have dis-invited the Olympic delegation from the Palestinian Authority to protest it’s elected leader from taking part in cold blooded murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Arafat and Abbas were arch-terrorists and their people continue to use terrorism to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel.

Published: July 26, 2012
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