The Moment A Muslim Admits He Was Born A Jew

This strange situation British comedy was written by David Baddiel, a Jewish comedian, novelist and television presenter. The movie features both Jewish/Israeli and Moslem actors, and is about a British moderate Muslim who discovers that he is adopted and is actually Jewish. So begins the saga of finding out more about his Jewish origins so that he can meet his dying father, while trying to prove that he is a devout Muslim so that his son can get married.
The concept behind this movie arouses mixed feelings in many of us. Animosity between Jews and Arabs. Steriotypes and prejudice. It’s all mixed up together.
When asked why he wrote this movie Baddiel explains: “I think that people are terrified about race and religion, especially issues surrounding Muslims and Jews, and when people are terrified, what they really should do is laugh”. Baddiel hopes that the viewers will realize that the message of the movie is one of “mutual tolerance”.

Published: January 27, 2015
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