The Most Amazing Victory Even Military Experts Can’t Explain

The Six-Day War began as any other war on June fifth, as Jordan and Egypt were on the brink of invading Israel with the intent of “driving the Jews into the sea.” Israel, as with all the wars it has had to fight, was forced once again to defend its right to exist. But the results of the war were nothing short of miraculous, as were the consequences. The tiny Jewish State was given its soul. The holiest places to the Jewish Nation, the Tomb of the patriarchs, the Temple Mount, the place of the Holy Tabernacle, the Tomb of Rachel and that of her son Joseph, the places where the patriarchs had made covenants with God, Bet El where Jacob dreamed his famous dream, all established on incredible archeological findings, suddenly became accessible. This wonder was not ignored by the Jews of the Diapora. Jews from western countries as if electrified began to return to the Jewish Homeland, Jews from Russia began to demand that they be allowed to return as well. God Himself had breathed a soul into the Jewish State and the Jewish People.

Published: November 10, 2016
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