The Most Breathtaking Footage From Mount Hermon to the Sea of Galilee

The North of Israel is perhaps the most lush and beautiful area in the Land of Israel.

The high grounds of Mt. Hermon feature snow-capped mountains through much of the winter.
This leads to beautiful rushing rivers that bring the Sea of Galilee it’s beauty.

Although these areas were once used to rain gunfire down onto Israel by Syrian occupiers between 1948-1967, Israel liberated these areas in the Six Day War through sheer bravery and the Hand of God.

Six years later, Israel almost lost the battle in the Golan Heights, but a handful of brave fighters in tanks in the North kept the Syrians from penetrating and a successful counterattack in the South of the Golan led to a glorious victory.

This ensured a relatively quiet few decades on Israel’s north-eastern border until today, and has kept the ISIS-dominated areas of Syria

Published: April 28, 2015
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