The Most Talented Jewish Singer you Will Ever Hear

Edon Pinchot, a Chicago born, Jewish orthodox fourteen-year-old is not someone you’d expect to see on “America’s Got Talent”. Yet, that’s where fans and viewers saw him singing and wowing the audience and judges alike. Edon has been labeled the “Jewish Justin Beiber” but beyond the musical talent, Edon is an original. Having made it through to the final rounds on America’s Got Talent, Edon’s talent is shining.
The decision to sing and perform wearing his kippah (skullcap) was a non-question for Edon. He has been imbued with Jewish values and a strong Jewish education since he was born. And that’s what defines him as a person. His singing is amazing and is a notch down on his self-image. Edon learns Jewish studies and attends the Ida Crown Jewish Academy of Chicago, where studing bible in Hebrew, Jewish law, and other Jewish texts is standard.
What Edon has proved is that you can be a super talented singer and serious about your religious values and beliefs at the same time.
And that’s a very valuable lesson.

Published: May 13, 2017
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