The MUSLIMS change the “status quo” on the Temple Mount, and Israel gets blamed!

All this uproar about metal detectors at the Temple Mount. What’s fascinating is that the MUSLIMS changed the status quo by turning a place of worship into murdering grounds.

Honest Reporting senior editor Daniel Pomerantz says that the Muslims are essentially saying, “If I can’t bring my machine gun, then there’s no point in praying at all.”

On top of that, the “Palestinians” who refused to go through the metal detectors were reported by the mainstream media as “protesting” outside when in reality they were shouting death threats. Did anyone report this? No, of course not.

And what about the “Palestinians” killed during clashes? Well, that happened while they were throwing fire bombs and burning tires at Israelis. And at least 1 of the 3 killed was killed by his own Molotov cocktail that exploded prematurely in his hands…

Where are the reports on this? Instead, the reports equate 3 Israelis murdered at home in the town of Neve Tzuf during a Friday night Shabbat meal – by a “Palestinian” terrorist who stabbed them in cold blood.


Published: July 23, 2017
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