The mystical Old City of Safed where Kabbalah comes to life

The ancient and holy city of Tzfat is located in the North of Israel. Surrounded by mountains, the view from the Old City of Tzfat is breathtaking. Sounds of violin and harp can be heard while walking through the cobblestone streets of the artists colony. You can walk through art galleries displaying all different styles of paintings, pottery, jewelry, candles, and more.

Spending a Shabbat in Tzfat is a magical and uplifting experience. Friday night the songs of welcoming Shabbat can be heard from every corner. There are countless synagogues to choose from. One group of young people gather on a corner of the mountain overlooking the setting sun and gorgeous views. It is the very spot where the song “Lecha Dodi”, which we sing every Friday night, was composed in the 16th century by the Kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz.

Each year there is a Klezmer music festival in Tzfat. Musicians from all over Israel and the world are drawn to the creative and holy atmosphere. Tourists and locals alike get to experience the culture or Klezmer music and can visit the many galleries, incredible synagogues, museums and other unique sites that Tzfat has to offer. Tzfat is an incredible place to experience nature, delicious food, music, art, spirituality and more!

Published: August 3, 2017
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