The Next Time Someone Tries to Convince You That There is No Creator, Show Them This

We are incredibly caught up in our hectic, and often chaotic lives. Stopping to notice something – just for the sake of appreciating seems almost preposterous to us. Yet it is the key to happiness, to quality of life, and love of God Himself.
Technology has brought with it many great blessings, but it has also brought immense complications. We have run out of time. There is no time to notice our surroundings, nature, people, relationships. We are too busy with friends on facebook to see our real friends. We live in a virtual world and don’t really notice the intensely beautiful and fascinating world reverberatig around us.
We’d like to be happy. To have rich, fulfilling lives. Yet we completely miss what God has given us in order to attain that goal. Is there anything more amazing than watching nature, children, people of all backgrounds growing, changing, evolving? To close our eyes and listen to the sounds around us, to feel the warm rays of sunlight on our face.

A recent scientific study has proven that appreciation plays a significant role in satisfaction and quality of life. It is the same appreciation that also brings spirituality and love of God into our lives. Perhaps they are all one and the same.

How do we stop our frenzied lives and step off the treadmill to enter the world of appreciation? We need to plan a slot into our day to focus on and value what we have and what is around us. To leave our cyber-space, go outside and reflect on what’s truly meaningful to us.

Published: September 6, 2017
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