The Only Female Soldier who Died in the Second Lebanon War

Keren’s last letter in her Hebrew handwriting and its translation to English. (Provided by her parents)

Letter to diary – Keren Tendler
I cant take it, my heart is breaking! Our country has been fighting for 2 weeks now (second Lebanon war). 3 pilots have gone “stam”, for no reason, just like that, soldiers being killed “stam” just like that, civilians being killed just like that. The situation in the county is just sad, and the tears won’t stop dripping down.
God, I know that I am always bugging you about stupid things like love, but God, I know that its all stupid so let it go, but this next request I ask you to please fulfill. Care for our country, bring peace to our land. Care for all the soldiers, care for their health and safety and bring them home safely (the kidnapped ones as well). Both Those who fight on the ground and those in the air.
Deliver blessings to this county.
Please protect us and the fighters.
Love, Keren

קרן המכתב האחרון

Published: February 12, 2015
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