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Israel, the tiny, one and only Jewish state, is the only UN member state to be targeted in this way.

The Quran clearly states, in 10 separate passages, that Allah gave the Holy Land to the Jews. Nowhere does the Quran mention a Muslim claim to the Holy Land.

The Jews are the only people, throughout history, for whom the land of Israel has ever been their national home. At no time has there been an independent Arab or ‘Palestinian’ state here. The Jews first settled this land around 3200 years ago, more than 1800 years before Islam was born.

From the remains of the Ottoman Empire, less than 1% was set aside for the re-establishment of this one Jewish state, on its very own ancient ancestral homeland, while the rest would go toward the creation of most of the
modern Arab states we know today.

At several points, Israel gained full recognition under International Law, culminating in 1922 when the entire League of Nations voted unanimously for its creation. No state has had greater legal authority.

There are more than 120 Muslims for every Jew. Most who say they hate Jews have never actually met one. If you tried to pack all the Jews of the world into a single city, say, Cairo, there’d still be room for millions more.

If we look at the 56 mostly Muslim majority states, that form an automatic voting block against Israel in the UN, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, their total land mass is over 1500 times the size of Israel.

Judaism has brought so much to the world, revolutionary values at the time, that have become the bedrock of Western Civilisation … The belief in one God, the sanctity of life, the importance of family, the value of peace, love
and respect, truth and justice, social responsibility … which helps explain why Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East today.

The similarities between Muslims and Jews are staggering! Both trace their roots to the ancient Hebrew Patriarch, Abraham. Islamic scripture tells us we share the very same God. Islam recognises most Hebrew Prophets –
indeed the Quran refers to Moses many times more than to Muhammad. Most Islamic traditions closely follow existing Jewish ones.

Just one more thing that’s most important … !

Published: August 6, 2018
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