The revolutionary Israeli breast cancer treatment WITHOUT surgery

You may think that it’s odd that this in-depth ABC report on a new and exciting technological advance in treating breast cancer fails to make mention of the company that invented it, until you discover that the Israeli biomedical company IceCure is behind it.

The ultrasound-guided procedure called “IceSense3” is one of many technological breakthroughs Israeli scientists have made in the fight against breast cancer. A non-invasive no-radiation device called Real Imager 8 created by Israeli RealImaging Ltd. utilizes the MIRA (Metabolic Imaging and Risk Assessment) technology in detecting early stage breast cancer. Not only is this technology more accurate than the standard mammogram, it is also less invasive and far more “examinee friendly” encouraging women to undergo screening early and often. Significantly, electro-optical engineer Boaz Arnon who developed the new technology, lost his mother to breast cancer and was determined to find an accurate, cost-effective screening alternative to mammography.

An additional game-changer in breast cancer detection is the Octava Pink, the first blood test that can reveal cancer, created by the research team at the EventusDx lab just outside of Jerusaelem. EventusDX has also provided a technology in which 96 blood samples can be tested simultaneously – providing quick results, critical in the treatment of breast cancer.

Weizmann Institute scientists are working on a vaccine to prevent an extremely lethal form of breast cancer called “triple-negative breast cancer”, which targets young black, Hispanic and Jewish women.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that one out of eight women will get breast cancer at some point in her life. The chances increase based on age, genetic history, weight and reproductive history. Israeli researchers are working on tens of other treatments and testing technologies to help fight this phenomenon.

It’s time to give credit where credit is due.
Israel is a true leader in the fight against breast cancer.

Published: September 8, 2017
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