The Smartest 17 Year Old on The Planet!

It’s just mind boggling to listen to Mohammed Zoabi, in his words an “Israeli, Zionist, Arab, Muslim” as he describes how he feels to be an Israeli Arab and the pride he has in the Jewish Israeli state. Making statements which could possible lead to his being injured or killed, Mohammed has profound insights and true appreciation of the country that he lives in.
Being willing to expose himself and state an opinion which is so unpopular in the Israeli-Arab community is truly courageous and dangerous. The Jewish world should embrace non-Jews such as this boy, who are willing to speak up and defend Israel. Since this video was filmed, there have been attempts to kidnap Zoabi or kill him. For now he has closed his social media and is trying to keep a low profile.

Haneen Zoabi, MK of the fanatic Balad party who constantly attacks Israel as she smugly sits in the Israeli Knesset, condemned Mohammed’s remarks. After her comments that the kidnappers are not terrorists but rather “freedom fighters” several members of Knesset have demanded that she be dismissed from knesset and sent to use her political expertise within the Palestinian Authority.

It makes you wonder how the two Zoabi’s can be cousins.

Published: June 25, 2014
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