The ‘son of Hamas’ just gave a speech that will completely shock you

Mosab Hassan Yousef is an incredible example of someone who was able to break away from a destructive, venomous society which had created its own set of truths and norms, and look at reality from a different perspective. There are very few people in the world that capable of doing that. Yet Yousef, known by his cover name, “The Green Prince”, found himself reexamining all of the axioms he had been taught by his father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of the Hamas. What makes Yousef unique is that is he able and willing to come forward and state that he does not oppose individual people, but he feels that Muslim society needs to rethink its value system. That is what he did individually. “I’ve seen death and I came from hell,” he explains. It is an incredibly courageous thing to stand up against your own society’s basic beliefs, and a equally as courageous to speak about it.

Yousef points out that it is the indoctrination that is causing the problems. Children are taught from day one about hate. School books are filled with lies and propaganda against Jews and the entire western world. It is a sad time as families believe murdering innocent people is what Allah, their god, wants them to do.

Yousef’s hope and optimism for the Muslim People is utopian, but, having lived in that world and gone through that exact journey himself, he is the one person that can give us all the faith that things can change, and the desire to work to make that hope a reality. It took tremendous courage for Yousef to come out and not only leave his family but also speak out against them and the value system he was born into. Society needs to encourage more people to do this and we, as individuals, need to realize the importance of teaching the truth and instilling true objective moral values.

Published: September 20, 2017
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