The song about God that will touch your soul like you never imagined

It’s hard to create meaningful songs that people can relate to. This song has beautiful and powerful lyrics that will touch your soul. And his voice will have you captivated from the start!

Here are the lyrics to this touching song:

How will I ever educate my children
in a world that’s so flooded with confusion
among evil are the righteous suffering the most
where even the strong are losing their hopes

But in the back of my mind
I envision God who
I know is listening to me
cuz I hear a Godly tune


Your my child
and I’ve placed you in my world
It pains me when you question faith
it hurts me when you turn astray
Though I know its so hard
To comprehend; that I’m beyond time
The day will come soon
You’ll see a bigger picture and my master plan
Then just like I
You’ll see why
Everything that occurred
It was all just for your good

We need too understand and believe
It’s not always what we see perceive
Throughout life’s journeys trials and lessons to accept
The toughest one are What makes me most blessed

And its the thought of your presence
That gets me through
And I’m clinging to you even more
When I hear a Godly Tune



A world of broken tablets
Yet we stay firm and proud
Father dear please bring it now


I’m your child
And I’m living in your world
I’ll strive to never lose my faith
I hope I never throw it away
Yes I know it’s so hard
To comprehend that your beyond time
The day will come soon
I’ll see a bigger picture and your master plan
Then you’ll show me
what it really means
“That everything that occurred
It was all Just for your good”

Published: September 18, 2017
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