The Song About Jerusalem That You Can’t Stop Singing

Shlomo Gaisin and Yaniv Hoffman, of the JudaBlue band, sing out the glory, the beauty, and the eternity of the holy city of Jerusalem. The title and refrain “Im lo aaleh and Yerushalaim al rosh simchati” – is from the verse in Psalms 137:6 “Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth, if I don’t remember you, if I don’t raise Jerusalem above my highest joy“.
The words of the song express longing and love, and the timelessness of the city which mirrors that of the Jewish People. “Just like a phoenix, Jerusalem rises from the ashes.” The phoenix, the mythological, immortal bird, was believed to live for centuries and, then, would be born anew, arising from its own ashes.
Jerusalem, the city which has given the Jewish people hope and strength throughout the ages, emerges as a symbol, a light unto the Nation of Israel.

Published: August 1, 2016
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