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The Sons of Noah Connect with Israel

In this video, I interview a number of “b’nei Noah” – people that observe the seven universal laws of mankind. The participants were in Israel for a conference. I asked them how they came to be here and what message they’d like to give the world.

Anyone who has been so inspired by the Land of Israel and the Jewish people so as to become a member of the Sons of Noah has made a very strong commitment towards God and the People of Israel.

What does it feel like?

The common words that these Sons of Noah use are: home, free, truth, connected.  These special souls come from all over the world and have formed a unique bond with each other.  They are now connected to the people of Israel and the Land of Israel in a unique fashion.

One  quote that strikes me as the most powerful line of the video is the following.  “I see that God is with them in all they are doing.”  Perhaps it is that sense that leads people to want to connect so strongly with the people of Israel.  Note that they use the word – them.  That is because the Bnai Noah are not converts to Judaism.  They retain their faith.  They simply observe the 7 commandments that the Bible enumerates for non-Jews to observe.

The Bnai Noah are not a large group, but they are an essential part of the human landscape in the Land of Israel.

Published: August 6, 2018
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This video has 56 votes