The speech about BDS and SodaStream that shocked the world

SodaStream is a business that is probably one of the best proofs of the viability of Jewish / Arab coexistence, and island of peace that has been criticized due to pure anti-semitism . There are hundreds of Arab employees – who are all thrilled with their Jewish owners and management.

So, why is the BDS possibly against this?

Perhaps the BDS is not really about helping Arabs?

That’s right. The BDS is all about making parts of the Land of Israel Judenrein – free of Jews – that’s all.

The lies that have been spread about Arab Land being occupied by Jews is 100% wrong.

What is going on is that on Jewish Land, Jewish businessman are empowering and helping Arabs and Jews to work together.

BDS has a true agenda that is all about kicking Jews out of the Land of Israel.

They need to be fought.

Published: September 27, 2016
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