The Story of ‘the Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East’

This video speaks for itself. Watch until the end, because every second of it gives meaning and inspiration to those who hope and pray for a better, more accepting, more loving world. The main characters of this video are of the noblest kind. A short introduction…

Yehudah Glick is the son of Dr. Shimon and Brenda Glick of New Jersey who immigrated to Israel with his family when he was eight. The family made its home in Beer Sheva where his father founded the Faculty of Medicine at Ben Gurion University as well as serving as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Yehudah has a B.A. in Bible and Jewish Law and an M.A. in Jewish History. He is a registered tour guide and has served as an emissary to the former Soviet Union, as well as a high ranking official in the Israeli immigration offices. Glick quit his job in the Immigration Office as it was too difficult for him to continue there during the time that the Israeli government expelled the Jewish inhabitants of the Gaza strip. He has since worked as the General Director of the Temple Institute and the founder and CEO of the Liba Organization.

Yafi Glick, the sister of Rabbi Shmuel Tal and the MK Nachum Lengental, married Yehuda after losing her first husband to cancer. The two have eight children (2 of which are foster children) and live in town of Otniel, south of Hebron, not far from Beer Sheva.

Tom Nissani is a non-religious young Israeli who discovered the Temple mount during the period when he studied in Hebrew University and took walks through the city. He went on to found the “Students for the Temple Mount” organization which offers educational programs and lobbies for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount.

These are the people who are sensitive to others, even those they are in disagreement with, and continue to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Their continued strength is an inspiration to us all.

Published: December 4, 2016
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