The ultimate Israel 4K experience!

A day in the life of Israel. Could anything be more inspiring? Let’s first start in

the desert. The pure rocks bring us back to the simple life. But the desert is

not bare. It has life, animals that manage to survive despite the barren land,

finding hidden sources for nourishment. After that is a trip to Israel’s northern

region, where there is more vegetation among the mountainous terrain.

Afterwords, let’s take a look at urban life, from the marketplace to a crowded

bus ride. Everyone is going about their day, yet their is a sense of tranquility

as we see children blowing bubbles. It may a be a busy city, but even the kids

know that it is important to have fun.

The Western Wall

Perhaps one of the most inspiring and holy images is that of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Decades after the First Temple was destroyed, plans were made for the Second Temple. It was to be larger, and as

such required a support base. Sand and dirt were brought in to expand the base, and large retaining walls were built

to support the base. The Second Temple was built on top of that. When it was destroyed, the supporting walls

remained. The Western Wall is one of the walls of the supporting base. Thankfully, it has survived and Jews have

prayed here for millennia, shed tears hear, and placed hopes here. And we know that one day the Third Temple will

be built here, and it will not be destroyed.

I just love how it shows the starry sky over the desert. The view is crystal clear.

There aren’t any buildings that ruin the view of the stars. Perhaps that is why this video has an atmosphere of

hopes and dreams – we can dream for the stars, and it is attainable.

As the old saying goes, “If you will it, it is no dream”.

Or in Hebrew, “Im Tirzu, Ain Zo Agadah”.

Published: February 12, 2018
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