The United Nations was just stunned into silence by surprise guest speaker

It is not every day that one of their own tells them off in the UN. That’s right an Arab who uses the word “Palestinian” to describe himself tells off his own brethren for blaming Israel for all of the ills of the world.

Sometimes, it’s great for some of the world’s leaders to receive a wake-up call.

The looks on their stunned faces say it all.

This guy has guts.

Great job UN Watch!

Let’s get down to some facts about life for Arabs in the Land of Israel.

1. Israel’s land is less than 1/500th of the land in the Arab countries of Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, and Morocco. Is there really no place for Arab refugees in any of these countries?

2. In 1948, when Israel won the War of Independence against 5 Arab countries, 160,000 Arabs chose to stay within Israel’s borders, chose peace and became Israeli citizens. Around 500,000 – 750,000 Arabs left Israel to escape war and chaos, and because Arab leaders encouraged them to get out the way in order to make way for advancing Arab armies. They all anticipated victory and to return soon afterwards.

Arab countries could have solved the Arab refugee crisis in numerous ways. But, as King Hussein of Jordan said, ” Since 1948, Arab leaders…. have used the Palestine people for selfish political purposes.”

Yes, the Arabs created the Arab refugee crisis – not the Jewish State.

It is true that if Israel had not won the War of Independence, then there would not be an Arab refugee problem in the Middle East – but there would have been a 2nd mini-Holocaust.

3. Arabs in the Land of Israel receive better medical treatment than any other Arabs in the entire Middle East – by law. Not only Arabs who live in Israel – even Syrian refugees who have been wounded OUTSIDE of Israel’s borders receive treatment from Israeli hospitals.

4. Arabs are members in the Knesset and are able to stand up in Israeli Parliament and scream at Israel’s leadership and call them racist, etc.. They cannot do this anywhere else in the Middle East.

In a nutshell, Arabs in Israel have it good – very good.

Published: October 1, 2017
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