The Video that Just Made All of Israel’s Enemies Pee in Their Pants

Like almost all militaries in the world, Israeli has several Special Forces. Generally considered to be amongst the best in the world (Only the US Navy Seals and the British SAS rank better on most lists), Israeli special prepare for any type of combat needed. Whether it’s camping out for three weeks waiting to kill or capture a terrorist or doing strategic strikes during wars, they are prepared for anything. But not just anyone can be in the IDF special forces units.

In order to be a member of the IDF’s Special Forces, the soldiers need to prove themselves capable and willing to go beyond the level required for even the most prized combat units. There are special units in every branch of the service, but the most prized ones for soldiers to get into are Sayeret Matkal (the leading SF unit and mainly intelligence gatherinng), Shayetet 13 (Navy commandos), and Shaldag Unit (the air force unit responsible for conducting recon, and establishing assault zones and airfields in enemy territory). Outside the IDF is the Border Force’s own SF unit, Yamam, who take responsibility for hostage situations, sieges of known terrorists in civilian areas, and police duties such as SWAT and undercover work).

The training for these units lasts generally over a year for the IDF units and then a further six months to get into Yamam. The soldiers are considered some of the best in Israel and many go onto do high level security jobs, and even do private military contracting (such as guarding ships from pirates around Somalia). Whenever we hear stories of a probable Israeli raid into Gaza to strike against Hamas or into Lebanon/Syria to strike at Hizbullah, it is most likely one of these units. The soldiers join and serve solely for the protection of Israel, no-one outside the units, senior military command or immediate family, knows who they are or what they do. Every day they risk their lives in operations to protect Israel’s civilians and receive no fame or glory for it. For this, we say thank you and May God Bless and Protect you!

Published: March 9, 2017
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