The video that proves Amnesty International is lying about Israel

Israel has become the scapegoat of the world. You need to lie quite a bit to portray Israel the way Amnesty International does. This short video is just a small example of an extensive propoganda campaign to prove how Israel constantly violates human rights (only Palestinean and Muslim rights) for no reason at all. This video is a prime example. Any country fighting terrorists that use the civilian population as a protctive shield, would have to bomb some civilian sites. Yet there is no country that does what Israel does and warns them with a nonharmful very small explosion on the roof. Nonetheless, Amnesty even finds a way to criticize and prove unwarranted violence in this case as well.
The only way to get Amnesty to leave Israel alone is for Israel to stop defending itself. That way there would be nobody left to slander…

Published: June 3, 2016
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