The world is in huge danger as long as the former president keeps on preaching

Obama is not the only person who would like to play down terrorism and go to bat for the climate change issue. Paul Krugman from teh NY Times writes, “Terrorism can’t and won’t destroy our civilization, but global warming could and might.” Other supporters of this hypothesis include Sen. Bernie Sanders, CIA Director John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
No one has, as yet, found a solution to the global warming issue. However, it’s just not as threatening to our civilization as ideological Muslim terrorists who, for example, viciously and sadistically murdered 89 people at the Parisian Bataclan theater with knives and guns and injured tens of others. Who has recently been killed by climate change?

Climate change is an easy way out. James Delingpole of Breitbart News writes that the lie of dismissing terrorism and promoting climate change as the major modern world problem is ugly and disrespectjul of terror victims, and, in addition, lazy and dangerous. It’s lazy because it allows leaders to ignore the problem of Islamic terror which is beginning to spread to many countries around the world, and dangerous because it makes light of basic values and human rights upon which Western Civilization is based, thus encouraging the terror enterprise which aims to destroy those very values.

Published: August 9, 2017
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