This Guy Just Proved You Can’t Trust The Media, And You’ll Love How He Does It

What Colonel Richard Kemp, a British army officer for almost 30 years, an objective and knowledgeable observer of several wars provoked by Hamas in Gaza against Israel, is telling us is that much of the world media – the UN and of course Muslim and anti-Israel organizations – have been presenting us with distorted, inaccurate information. Could it be they have an agenda?

What makes the whole claim that Israel is not careful about the preserving the lives of Palestinians so unlikely, is the constant, heated debate in Israel over the degree to which the IDF should endanger Israeli soldiers in order to ensure the safety of Palestinians. A statement made by IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan in which he asserted that, “Soldiers must put themselves at risk to prevent injuring innocent civilians,” became the focus of controversy and dispute in Israeli society. In response to this statement, former IDF Brigadier General Shmuel Zakkai states in an interview that, “theoretically, everybody wants everything – to execute missions with no harm to IDF soldiers or innocent civilians,” he said. “But when you are in a combat situation, you have to choose between values. This choice brings us back to the foundation on which the army is built… the Israel Defense Forces are not the Palestinian Defense Forces. The essence of the IDF is to protect the citizens of the state of Israel. All citizens of the state swear the soldier’s oath to carry out their missions and to protect [Israeli] civilians while risking their own lives…” Secondly, he says “lies the obligation to perform military tasks with minimum harm to the soldiers themselves. On the third [level] is the moral obligation to perform these tasks, while striving to minimize injury to innocent civilians.”

The order of priorities seems to make sense. So why do the Palestinians and world media expect Israel to reverse the list?

Published: October 13, 2016
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