This Is What It Sounds Like When 30,000 Israelis Proudly Sing National Anthem At Int’l Soccer Game

What an atmosphere. The Nation of Israel Lives!

This song touches my heart whenever I hear it and whenever I sing it. Our national anthem is a message of Hope, the exact title of the song! It is that hope that our people held on to for thousands of years, through persecution after persecution, country after country. We are no longer the wandering people, we are now home. And boy is it amazing to hear this national anthem sung by such a large audience!

The world should be inspired by our story, overcoming persecution and obstacles, and finally returning home! Those that appreciate our story will be blessed. Those who prefer to condemn us, and instead side with our enemies, will be cursed. Why? They are cursing themselves by being blind to the miracles of the One Above through the miraculous story of the Jewish people. It’s that simple.

Published: March 12, 2017
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