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This Land is Mine…

I sing ‘The Exodus Song’, but first, with the introductory music in the background, I explain why indeed ‘THIS LAND IS MINE’.

Just as in the Hebrew Bible, the Quran states that the Jewish People were chosen by Allah. And just as in the Hebrew Bible, the Quran clearly states, in ten separate passages, that Allah gave the land of Israel to the Jews. Nowhere does the Quran mention a Muslim claim to the Holy Land.

The Jews are the only people, throughout history, for whom the land of Israel has ever been their national home.
At no time has there ever been an independent Arab or ‘Palestinian’ state here. The Jews first settled this Land around 3200 years ago – that’s more than 1800 years before Islam was born!

Published: August 6, 2018
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This video has 26 votes