Canadian PM SHOCKED the world when he said THIS about Israel

Stephen Harper, the outgoing prime minister of Canada after having held the position since 2006, has always been a staunch and dedicated supporter of Israel. What’s incredible is that Harper had no political agenda for backing Israel. On the contrary, as he stated in this address, support for Israel can create many antagonist and lower popularity. But that never held him back.

Despite opposition, Harper always upheld Israel’s right to defend itself, especially during the war in Lebanon. His views were no secret. In 2010, Canada lost a bid for a seat on the UN’s security council. It seemed obvious that it had to do with Canada’s PM’s relationship with Israel. But that didn’t phase Harper in the least. He stated that he would always take a pro-Israel stance no matter what the political cost to Canada.

He will be known forever as a Hero of Morality and Israel. A true friend.

Published: December 4, 2016
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