Those Who Bless Israel Will be Blessed and Here is Proof

Israel was intended to bring light and inspiration to the world. It is incredible how many valuable, life saving inventions Israel has conceived since its inception sixty seven years ago. If there is a need, there is an Israeli scientist who is looking for an answer to that need.

The world has advanced tremendously since those days of the 1940’s and 50’s. And Israel has been a driving force in all areas of quality of life: agriculture, medicine, innovations to help the handicapped, technology and communication. Did you ever wonder who dreamed up the cell phone? Solar energy? Drip irrigation? Electric cars?

There is something almost miraculous about a nation who comes back to life after thousands of years of exile and suffering and devotes itself to bringing life and hope to the world. Israel is a nation with a mission. The challenges it faces as an island of peace and hope in a violent and tumulous region have only spurred its people on to formulate and develop new innovations and answers to the obstacles in its path.

A true blessing to the world.

Published: February 4, 2016
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