Trump’s reply to Saudi prince proves “America made the right choice”

This short clip has been seen by millions!

Why do the Saudis donate 25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation?

Well, the subject of this video is a Saudi Prince who was clearly looking to “own” the American President-elect.

However, he picked the loser this time, and does NOT own President-elect Trump.

Saudi Arabia is a global exporter of terrorism, and practices ownership of American Presidents.

Ezra’s brilliant line of calling the Saudi action a “25 million dollar down-payment, or legal bribe” is an excellent take-down.

Ezra also reminds us where the 9/11 terrorists came from and what other wonderful things stem from Saudi Arabia.

This tweet-battle between a billionaire Saudi Prince and The Donald is epic.

The Donald’s point about Syrian refugees hits it on the nose.

The world is a very different place with The Donald at the helm.

He owes these terrorist sponsors nothing – as opposed to so many of his detractors.

The Saudi Arabian influence on the United States is nothing new. It pre-dates the State of Israel.

Before the formation of the State of Israel, there was lots of pressure placed on President Truman to not even support the formation of the State of Israel because of the fear of Arab aggression in the Middle East.

But, ultimately. President Truman stood with the idea of supporting the State – against the wishes of many in his State Department.

President Eisenhower was generally not considered a close friend of the newly formed State of Israel, but many pin the blame on his powerful Secretary of State, John Forster Dulles, for Eisenhower’s foreign policy attitudes.

During JFK’s tenure, there were no major conflagrations in the Middle East, but JFK is generally considered by many to have been friendly to the State of Israel.

LBJ and Richard Nixon are the two most fascinating US Presidents vis-a-vis the State of Israel. Much proof has been brought that both harbored rather anti-Jewish sentiments.

However, the fact remains that LBJ was the first US President – after Israel’s victorious Six Day War – to send weapons to the still young State of Israel, and Nixon definitely came out squarely on Israel’s side in the midst of Israel’s difficult Yom Kippur War.

Richard Ford was not a major player on the Middle East scene – he let Kissinger run the show.

But, Jimmy Carter’s open hostility to everything about Israel has become clear from his books and interviews. He was perhaps only topped by Barack Obama in his hostile attitudes towards Israel.

Jumping to Donald Trump, he will probably end up being something like Ronald Reagan vis-a-vis Israel, supportive with a hands-off approach, but it is still too early to tell.

One year into his tenure though, it looks like he will go down in the history books as a true Israel supporter.

Let’s watch and see…

Published: September 18, 2017
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