The truth about Israel from the most unexpected place

I’m a Chinese man from a Muslim country hoping to use my lens to capture the truth about Israel. The goal: impart a new perception about the people, the land, and the country of Israel.

The perceptions that this young man had about the Land of Israel could not have been more distorted from the actual truth. A trip to Israel completely changed the perceptions of this young Chinese man.

He has such a refreshing way of expressing how wonderful Israel is.  But most of all, his camera work is exquisite.

Sometimes we need an outsider from the other side of the world to enlighten us about how special the place we live in truly is.

Is Israel a Dangerous Country?

Most any tourist who visits Israel will clearly say something like:  ” I felt completely safe in Israel.  Definitely not as dangerous as I expected.”  Most tourists will have no sense of Israel as a military dominated country.  Because it’s not.  Yes – the occasional F-16 or helicopter fly-over serves as a subtle reminder of the importance of Israel’s military.

However, on the streets of almost any city or town in Israel, Jews and Arabs walk and work nearby one another peacefully.  Freedom of religion exists in Israel more than in any other country in the Middle East.

Happiness Index and Raising Children

Evidently there is something called a World Happiness Index Report, and Israel ranks pretty high-up at 11th place in the world.   Even better, as far as the “most suitable place to raise children,” Israel ranks at #3.   What he properly explains is that he would never have believed this until he came for a visit.  Seeing is believing when it comes to the truth about Israel.

To sum it up, he explains that Israel – lacking in natural resources, and sparsely populated,has thoroughly practiced the spirit of “wrestling with God.”





Published: March 20, 2017
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