UCLA Student Body President Stands Up to All the Haters

This video speaks for itself and so does Avinoam Baral, USAC president, who explains how difficult it is for him to hear people speak against Israel, and only against Israel, when he knows that what’s going on in the room is not a vote for human rights but an antisemetic vote against Israel and the Jewish people. He says it beautifully, eloquently and it’s hard to think that most of the anti-Israel members of the council who were present didn’t hear or didn’t care.
The people of Israel have been slandered and deligitimitized for so long that the people behind the propoganda and those who hear it barely notice that something is amiss. Yes, Avinoam, Israel is the only country to which different standards apply. It’s truly hard to swallow. Just watch what’s going on in the UN.

Published: November 20, 2014
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