UN or the Bible? Simple Answers to Jerusalem’s Complicated Questions

This original videos sheds light on the Holy Land.  It is about the Bible.  It is about the people who live in the Land of the Bible.  The interesting thing is that it is much more than about the Bible…


A left-wing news team arrives in Jerusalem to make a “juicy story”. They dive head first into some of the most complicated questions of our time.

Are there answers?  This news team is like no other. They have a tremendously strong sense of history. A strong understanding that Jerusalem is a place like no other, and an excellent scriptwriter.

Perhaps the most important line in the video is: “This is complicated.”  The main actors are amazing.   But don’t mistake this film as just another cute film with child actors.  The message is right on – this stuff is complicated.   If anybody presents you with a simple solution for a very complex problem such as the status of the Temple Mount, then it is probably not a practical idea at all.

Although the lion’s share of the conflicts over the Temple Mount have taken place in the last 50-100 years, this is not a new issue at all.  It goes back thousands of years to the time of the Bible.  Old and complex problems do not have simple solutions.  They require a sound mind, patience, and gradual solutions to work things out.

This video about more than the Bible is absolutely brilliant.

Published: March 20, 2017
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