Video of migrant assaulting a mother symbolizes Europe today

Ezra Levant, Canadian media personality, hosts Pamela Geller, an American political activist and commentator, as they view footage of a young Swedish mother being punched and kicked and later spat on by a Muslim migrant at a subway station. Seeing this as a trend, Geller expalains that Muslim culture has invaded Europe and European countries are failing to protect their young women.

This scenario is something that takes place so quickly that it’s hard to follow and most people don’t notice another important detail. At the beginning of the footage, the young mother pushes away an elderly women preventing the migrant from stealing her wallet. His loathesome behavior towards a mother with her children turned him into what the press called “the most hated man in Sweden”.

It seems that this Tunisian migrant had come to Sweden illegally from Denmark and is being deported back there by the Swedes. No trial. No punishment. Now the Danes will have to deal with him.

Published: November 30, 2016
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