Visiting Israel a game changer for U.S. college students

Is there a better way to learn about a country other than actually visiting it and seeing it in first person? The answer is, of course, no!

So when two students and a professor from Patrick Henry College in Virginia spent time in Israel, they learned about the reality in the country, which runs completely contrary to what they often read in the media.

And this is really what leftists and pretty much anyone else who is “Pro-Palestinian” and anti-Israel need to do.

Come visit Israel. See the high level of equality and high standard of living for all citizens – Jews, Muslims and Christians – especially compared to the surrounding countries such as Lebanon, Syria or Egypt.

See for yourself that individual rights are respected here. In Israel, freedom of speech and freedom of religion are basic rights. The same cannot be said of most Muslim countries!

Published: December 4, 2016
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