We found it! The 60 minutes interview George Soros tried to bury!

One of the most controversial figures in the United States is a man named George Soros.

His quantum hedge fund moves billions of dollars around the world. Some have even complained that he has so much power that he has and can bring down governments and economies.

Perhaps he has been blamed due to his success.

Soros makes enormous bets based on his hunches. He was perhaps the largest investor in Russia during certain times.

When he makes statements about the value of a currency, it can drive things haywire in a country.

He has been one of the biggest backers of Hillary Clinton and has donated enormous sums at critical times to developing countries.

The amount he donates sometimes rivals amounts donations by the US government.

He competes hard to win as a capitalist.

But, then he also works at restructuring the values of the world via his enormous wealth.

One of the most difficult things to understand is the activities of George Soros during the Holocaust.

He posed as a Christian and watched hundreds of thousands of people getting shipped out to their deaths in Auschwitz.

He was even marginally involved in confiscating Jewish property as a young child. He didn’t even express remorse or guilt.

As he claims that he does not believe in God, it is easier to understand where his ideals and morals come from.

This 60 minutes interview is not obsequious. Most of this interview will not expose the ideas that drive George Soros, but a glimpse of his character is certainly attained in this video.

One person even coined him as a “Donald Trump without the humility.”

Published: November 20, 2016
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