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What does Made in Israel mean to you?


Published: December 16, 2012
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Netanyahu Shocked the UN With This Revelation. Don't Say we Didn't Warn You.

For all those who think Israel is just going to stand idly by while Obama threatens our future...

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This Is How You Stand Up For Israel When The U.N. Council Doesn't

Col. Kemp just said some of the strongest words I have ever heard.

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Either Support Israel or this is Coming to You!

This is the radical Islam the world is up against. Israel is on the front lines.

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The Islamic State Plan to Conquer Rome, Defeat Christianity

The mass Muslim immigration to Europe is more calculated then you think.

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cornell technio
Can you guess what Cornell Tech Dean learned when he visited Israel?

When Israelis and Americans work together, anything is possible!

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Our enemies have no hope!

Militant Islam is going to be destroyed!

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Apple is in Israel Because the People are Incredible!
“Apple is in Israel Because the People are Incredible!”

Fabulous! Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking in Israel!!!

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