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What Happens When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary?! Right Before Our Eyes…

After spending ten days touring the Holy Land, Wyatt should feel a strong connection to Israel. But instead, he is confused. What do the blur of walking tours and ancient ruins have to do with his current spiritual walk at home?

Join Wyatt as he discovers himself, and what he really experienced in the land of the Bible, a land where extraordinary miracles are constantly happening in the most ordinary ways.


What is miraculous about a bunch of children who play in the streets of Jerusalem?

What is miraculous about a bunch of new neighborhoods in the hills of Judea and Samaria?

To the dispassionate observer, there is really nothing so out of the ordinary about any of these.

And they would be right – if it wasn’t for the location.

This is the Land of our forefathers. This is the land of prophecy.

The Land literally waited for a few thousand years for it’s children to return and rebuild their connection to Israel.

Nobody managed to build up almost anything in the Holy Land for centuries.

The Land itself was in a state of exile – exile of it’s children from it’s midst.

Miraculous Return

Today, the Land of Israel is not only alive – it is thriving.  The Land has seen an amazing unnatural population growth.  This is not merely about mass immigration.  It is literally the ingathering of the exiles.  The rebirth of the Land as it’s people live, thrive, and build in it’s midst.  All of this was written by the prophets thousands of years ago.

Yes – it is just ordinary people that live ordinary lives in the Land of Israel.

But that is absolutely extraordinary.


Published: August 6, 2018
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This video has 246 votes